Cycling in Mt Washington Valley


Cyclists looking for new paths to conquer? The White Mountains offer endless trails to keep you pedaling all summer long with easy, moderate or difficult terrain depending on your ability.  For an easy outdoor biking adventure, bike along the West Side Road for a 6 mile journey with a bike lane provided for your safety. For avid mountain bikers, enjoy over 200 miles of trails and downhill terrain. Take advantage of familiar winter terrain during the summer by biking at some of the ski areas that have converted into mountain biking terrain while still providing chair lift services to give you the best experience.

Pour les cyclistes francophone

Check us out at the Montreal Cycling Show. Over 25,000 people came to have a taste of what they can enjoy on their White Mountain Cycling vacation!

Take a look at North Conway, NH's very own Austin Denis, owner of Frontside Grind Coffee and Espresso take on all the White Mountains have to offer avid mountain bikers! Click here and here!

Cycling and Mountain Biking in the Mt. Washington Valley are endless. There are trails, groups, retreats and paths galore to keep you pedaling for days on end. In the summer, some ski areas transition effortlessly to allow for mountain biking while still providing lift access, but with proper tires you can enjoy freshly packed powder from atop your bicycle or enjoy the changing colors as you take an autumn ride. The Red Tail Trail on Black Cap is one of the more popular trails and the 6 mile trek from Black Cap to Arethusa Falls is a great way to spend your day. The White Mountains never go out of style as you take on some of their more vertically challenging terrain or enjoy a day exploring with the family on your two-wheel transportation. Taking a girl's weekend? Make sure to schedule an all-women retreat with cycling guides through-out the White Mountain National Forest.

Check out Mt. Washington Valley's premier cycling events:
Wildcat Wildfire Pentahalon
Mount Washington Hill Climb up the Mount Washington Auto Road
Crank the Kanc Bike Race
World Champion Tricycle Race
Bike for Books through the North Conway Public Library

Cycling in Maine - cross the border just 15 minutes away from North Conway, cycle around Maine and make it back to your bed in NH, all in one day!
The Maine Mountain Division Trail, when completed, will connect Portland 52 miles with the town of Fryeburg on the New Hampshire border. A completed 6-mile section of this paved rail with trail runs from Rt 202 in South Windham to the Otter Ponds in Standish with a 1-mile gravel trail section connecting to Johnson Field on Rt 35 in Standish. This includes a paved connector loop trail that crosses the Gambo bike/ped Bridge, through Shaw Park in Gorham and back to the MDT. There is also an interim unimproved section of trail from Rt 202 in South Windham running 5 miles to Bridge St in Westbrook.

A 1.5-mile section of paved trail is open in Fryeburg. The trail runs from the Visitor Center on Route 302 west of Fryeburg Village to Porter Road off Route 113 south of town. - Care of

There is so much more that could be said about a sport that brings so much challenge and joy to our community, but we feel it's best to let Marty basch, an award winning author, lecturer and cyclist who has written widely on this very topic and is a local of this beautiful area tell you some more popular routes to take on your two-wheeled transportation through his book "The White Mountain Ride Guide." For more biking trails, find Marty's books at area book shops and bike stores and speak with biking professionals through locally owned bike shops. Knowing these two famed rides, just 2 of many in the White Mountains, like the back of your hand, will have you off and running like any seasoned local!

West Side Road and Beyond - pg. 1, White Mountain Ride Guide
" North Conway's West Side Road is a pleasure unto itself. With a bike lane finished in the autumn of 1997, this easy country road is a cycling delight."

  • Starting point: First Bridge Conservation Area, a popular beach area along the Saco River, turns right, onto River Road. Continuing down, you'll pass "Hussey's Field" providing awe-inspiring views of Mount Washington.
    • Turn left onto West Side Road and here begins the 6.2 mile path to Conway, offering views of Cathedral & White Horse Ledge, passing Echo Lake State Park and opening up views of Cranmore, Black Cap and the Green Hills.
    • As you enter Conway, by turning right onto Main St. you will hit the 7.6 mile mark as you cross over train tracks and just 2 miles down the road you will hit the Kancamagus Highway.
    • For 6 miles you will travel up the Kanc looking for a right turn onto Passaconway Road. You'll follow the Swift River and it is a scenic back road cruiser with no shoulder and a great downhill sensation.
    • Once you have hit your 20.5 mile mark, you will come to a junction where you will bear right and cross over train tracks
    • As you come back up to West Side Road, you will hit a stop sign and turn left. At your 26.6 mile, you will come to the end at River Road and First Bridge.

Pinkham and Evan Notches Loop - pg. 21, White Mountain Ride Guide
"Two notches and Two states await riders of this challenging yet scenic 84 mile loop through NH & ME. The Notches pedaled through are like brothers. They share a last name, but each has its own personality. Pinkham Notch is dramatic as it cuts by the base of Mount Washington; rugged and wild. Evans Notch acts as a natural border, snaking between the two states as it follows the Wild River with a tunnel-like canopy of trees overhead. Pinkham is wide open, while Evans is narrow."

  • Starting Point: Public Parking on Depot Road in North Conway, off of North South Road and White Mtn. Highway. Take a right onto Main Street, ride past two traffic lights and cross over train tracks, passing the Scenic Vista in Intervale.
      • As you head into Glen, coming to the junction of 16 and 302, take a right, passing Story Land into Jackson. As you hit your 8.4 mile, be sure to make a stop at the Jackson Covered Bridge and other curio shoppes in Jackson Village.
      • As you continue straight, past the covered bridge towards Pinkham Notch, you will hit your 13th mile and also enjoy a passing lane as well as the majestic views of the 6,288 foot Mt. Washington. Pinkham Notch is a 4 mile challenge, but offers plenty of wayside rest areas.
      • Be sure to stop at the Pinkham Notch Visitor Center 4 miles later for a bathroom break, learn the story behind the saying "that gives me the willeys" or to add a hike to your day, seeing as this is a crossing point for the Appalachian Trail.
      • If you so choose, take on the Auto Road with an 11% grade, it twists up 7.6 miles ending with a final pitch of 22%.
      • As you make your way down or pass the Auto Road, enjoy the long, rolling descent into Gorham, passing the Dolly Copp Campground and ranger White Mountain National Forest information center.
      • Make a right on Route 2 in Gorham, going East. This provides a place to refuel seeing as for the next 25 miles all you will be surrounded by are White Birches, called the Shelburne birches.
      • You will come up to the scenic, country North Road where you will make a left and 4 miles later you will bear right onto Meadow Road.
      • From Meadow Road you will again hit Route 2 where you will make a left and take on Route 2's rolling terrain.
      • Be ready because from here you will hit the Maine state line. As you continue into Maine for the next 3 miles, you will come to Route 113 and pedal past the rocky Wild River and coast on some of the downhill sections. Don't worry though, because as you enter the White Mountain National Forest and hit mile 49.3 the real uphill challenge begins.
      • 4 miles later, you will find yourself passing the New Hampshire state line as you head into Chatham, NH with rolling views of farms, stonewalls and fields.
  • After 5 miles you will connect at Route 113B, heading South, still in Chatham. As you stay on Route 113B it takes you back into Maine as it connects in North Fryeburg, ME with its 1839 chapel and school house.
  • By now you have hit mile 72.9 and the New Hampshire State line again. You will hit the infamous Webster's Store at the end of Route 113, where you will take a left towards East Conway Road.
    • Route 113 turns into East Conway Road as you continue straight towards Route 302 West. Be sure to make a special stop for Weston's Farm and Sherman Farm before finishing up the last leg of this trip!
    • As you turn right onto 302 West, continue straight towards the traffic light at the junction of Redstone Road and North-South Road into North Conway

Cycling in the Valley