Letter Boxing Karen Stancik Photography

Letter Boxing

If the thrill of the hunt is what you seek
Then that's what you'll find in the villages with the highest peak
Search high and low throughout this town
And gather all of your stamps to earn your letter-boxing crown
Follow the clues, decipher them down and then take a walk around
You'll find what you're looking for, and maybe even more
Because here in the Mt. Washington Valley, letter-boxing is just one of the many things we're known for!

Anything is Possible
In North Conway Village, stand in front of the Conway Scenic Railroad Station.
Face East to take in the beauty of Mt. Cranmore. Head toward Cranmore, across the park and the main street to come to the front door of The Penguin.
Turn to head south down the sidewalk for 150 paces, ending on the granite paver of "North Conway Village Association" In the raised garden bed by the front of the sign, under the pillar closest to the street,your treasure awaits.

Dress Your Walls
Entering North Conway Village as you come up the hill and look to the side, there’s a pretty pink roof with visions inside. Displays are sometimes out front, always offering prices worth the hunt. Go in and ask an associate for your letterbox :)

Water Wheel
Take a stroll through Schouler Park and stop at the center mark.
Across the cross walk you may find, a "Rugged" water wheel turning from time to time.
Go in and ask an associate for your letterbox :)

Books and Nooks
In the heart of the Village on a corner street, local readers love to meet.
In these walls made of stone, people speak in a soft tone.
Outside lies a white metal box, what’s beneath it is really a shock!

Mountains of Frosting
In North Conway village stands the Eastern Slope Inn
That is where this adventure begins.
Out towards the road and just across the street
You will find a place that is so uniquely sweet!

Coffee and Class
In the heart of the Village, at the edge of the park
Find a brick building brewing roasts light and dark
Outside the windows are fashioned with green,
Inside the walls hold pictures to be seen.
It gets busy so keep your profile real low
And find the spot with fire aglow

Paws and Claws
On the White Mountain Highway sits many a store
This one in particular has pet stuff galore!
The building is grey and flags hang all outside
If you have any trouble, just ask your pet to guide!
*ask an associate for your letterbox*

Horses and Courses
Go north through North Conway Village alongside the park
And make sure to stop at the traffic light mark
Look to your right and you can’t pass by
Until you found the building where horses fly
*ask your host for the letterbox*

Raff’s Pub
Answer the questions, Fill in the blanks and Write the correct letter of each answer in the corresponding space with the corresponding clue.
Your answer will give you a hint to the location of the box.
1___ 2___ 3___ 4___ 5___ 6___ 7___
1. Enjoy fresh _ _ _ oysters all year long. Use the first letter of the answer.
2. Rafferty's has $2 draft _ _ _ _ of the day. Use the second letter of the answer.
3. Sundays and Mondays during football season, come enjoy $.40 jumbo wings when we watch the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ strive for another Superbowl. Use the first letter of the answer.
4. Thursday nights enjoy free _ _ _ _ in our back function and game room. Use the fourth letter of the answer.
5. Slow roasted prime _ _ _ is available Fridays and Saturdays while it lasts. Use the second letter of the answer.
6. Rafferty's is known for its award winning _ _ _ _ _ ... best in the valley! Use the first letter of the answer.
7. We have 7 chili awards displayed behind our host station. They are made of _ _ _ _ _. Use the second letter of the answer.

Go into the dining room and find "Rafferty's". Behind it is what you seek.