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The White Mountain National Forest is home to 48 4,000 footers as well as being famed for the highest peak in New England, Mt. Washington. At 6,288 feet along with being surrounded by the Presidential Range of mountains, that equals a lot of hiking! There are short hikes, that leave you enough time to enjoy the rest of your afternoon shopping, dining or enjoying any of the other attractions Mt. Washington Valley is known for. Moderate hikes allow one to push themselves and build confidence while enjoying a challenge and still leave room to strive for difficult hikes. Whether you're hiking with an organized group, taking on a hiking expedition or enjoying nature solo or with a friend, one thing is for sure, the beautiful scenic view you will have the privelage of enjoying once you finally make it to the top!

Here are a list of hikes in the White Mountain National Forest Region ranging from light to moderately difficult to trails up Mt. Washington. Of course the number of hiking trails in Mt. Washington Valley are numerous and you're always free to chart your own course. It's just important to be mindful of your limits and know and understand your surroundings! Happy hiking in the Mt. Washington Valley!