Redline Guiding

We are an independent guiding agency offering short-duration, low-key, completely customized outdoor adventures, wilderness educational opportunities, and weddings. Yep, weddings. Here's a breakdown:

  • Our adventure offerings include hiking, snowshoeing, alpine and Nordic backcountry skiing, 4000-footers, and mountaineering (winter Mt Washington trips), with more to come.
  • Our educational opportunities include wilderness navigation (map and compass), winter hike skills, mountaineering skills, glacier skills, camp craft/backpacking, a hiking introduction, river crossing skills, and a Nordic backcountry skiing introduction, with more to come
  • We perform wedding services. Our senior guide is also a NH Justice of the Peace and will perform mountain-top and wilderness wedding services. These may be guided or unguided.

In an effort to keep our clients safe, we will be offering rental "Ready Packs" that contain everything a hiker or climber will need, including food and water, aside from personal items and their own layers.

We come to our clients or meet them at predetermined locations convenient to them and that facilitate our objective for the day. Click here to learn how we work.