Valley Weather

Weather Courtesy of Melody Nester

Mt. Washington Valley is home to Mount Washington and that is home to the world's worst weather! The Mount Washington Observatory sits at the top of the 6,288 foot peak, the highest mountain in the Northeastern United States. The observatory is a private, non-profit scientific and educational institution organized under the laws of the state of New Hampshire. Its mission is to advance understanding of the natural systems that create the Earth's weather and climate, by maintaining its mountaintop weather station, conducting research and educational programs and interpreting the heritage of the Mount Washington region.

While the top of the mountain they enjoy extreme weather patterns down in the valley we have a saying, "If you don't like the weather, just wait a minute." With four beautiful seasons offering every imaginable activity you won't find the weather getting in your way.  We invite you to continue exploring our website to plan your next Mt Washington Valley vacation

For complete up-to-date information on New Hampshire weather in the Mt. Washington Valley visit the folks who spend their days measuring it. If you are planning a trip to the summit during your stay please be prepared. White it may be sunny and hot in the Valley, it can be windy and cold at the top. Make sure to bring layers with you for your comfort.