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December 27 , 28 , 29

Penguins and Polar Bears

1 Mount Washington Auto Road

Gorham, New Hampshire  03581

Penguins and Polar Bears nordic ski camp will focus on games and fun while teaching cross-country ski basics for kids ages six to eleven years old. 

Both Penguins (ages 6 to 8) and Polar Bears (ages 9 to 11) start off the camp with games that teach and test stopping abilities. Red Light, Green Light is a favorite that can be adapted to experienced skiers with the challenge of skiing backward. Moose in the Trail gives further stopping practice while descending hills. Games of Predator and Prey played on one ski helps to equalize levels of skiing ability while providing the fun of a chase on skis. Capture the Flag, Ultime Frisbee, and Flag Tag are other game possibilities. 

The trails at Great Glen that wind through the meadows and forest will be explored. Ascending to the Great Angel Cabin, a log warming hut, is a significant ski goal for campers and is rewarded by a fast a turn-filled trip down the Dragon Corridor trail. Campers will also search for the locations of Trail Tracker critters. Of course, the camp wouldn't be complete without a few runs on the classic tubing hill. 



Click for more info: https://www.greatglentrails.com/events-list/winter-events-2