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February 20, 27

Jackson Art Studio: Silver Jewelry Design

Silver Metal clay is made from fine silver powder with a binder and water. When fired in a kiln to just below the melting point the binder burns out and all the particles of silver fuse together. Only pure silver remains. The focus of this class will be to make 2 pendants in silver metal clay and learn how to bezel set a stone. Because Metal clay is a soft material before it is fired it is ideal for surface treatment. We will be using interesting textures and designs to create one of a kind jewelry and incorporate a stone. A materials fee of $75  will be payable to the instructor at the class.  The second class will be finishing and assembling.

Tues. Feb 20 & 27, 6-9pm   $125 ( deadline for sign up, Feb 13)



Click for more info: www.jacksonartnh.com/event-registration/?ee=779