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Winners - People’s Choice Competition

1st Place  - White Mountain Hotel & Resort - Chef Josh Farrington
2nd Place - Christmas Farm Inn - Chef Stan Shafer
3rd Place - Army National Guard - Chef Julie Kinerson

Best Booth Theme

Arts In Motion Theater - Chef Paula Jones 

Best Cornbread in the Valley

Hillbilly's Southern BBQ

Winners - International Chili Society Competition

Red Chili Category

1st Place  - Chef Jack Cowell - Bad Bandito
2nd Place - Chef Scott Navaroli - Chili Medic
3rd Place - Chef Vicki Tankis - Lucky Ducks

Chili Verdi Category

1st Place  - Chef Dave Ronge - Davey Spice Rack
2nd Place - Chef Rozanne Ballachino - Baboo's Breath
3rd Place - Chef Ann Marie Malone - This Ain't Your Mama Chili

Salsa Category

1st Place  - Chef Vicki Tankis - Lucky Ducks
2nd Place - Chef Mike Saccoccio - Mad Hatter
3rd Place - Chef Dave Kelley - Swamp Donkey Creations


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